Data is renewable fuel. Decisions are the engine.

By now, most business leaders recognize that data is the fuel powering the business in this information age.  Everyday, more executives say they want their business to be “data-driven” and that data is a strategic asset — it sounds great but would does it mean? The challenge to the “data as asset” concept is that […]

Rebranding Business Intelligence as Decision Intelligence

As a business intelligence professional, I’ve often described my work as generating insights from information at the right time and presenting them in the right way to help decision makers drive actions that make a positive impact on the business. Yet, I’ve found that many traditional decision makers, at least in traditional industries who haven’t been […]

Google’s Gmail to Enter $425B Bill Payments Space

Just when we thought Apple was the big disruptor in the payments space with Apple Pay in iPhones and the upcoming Apple Watch. Re/code now reports that Google will soon allow bill payments right inside its highly popular Gmail. According to the report, the service dubbed Pony Express, will allow users to link up bank accounts […]

IBM Watson’s Cognitive Cloud Computing Ready to Help Lawyers

IBM has opened up the power of cognitive computing in the cloud as a platform for a new generation of applications and businesses.  No longer is powerful computing limited to the largest corporations. IBM’s Watson in the cloud can spur the next generation of algonomic law firms. One example, ROSS the Super Intelligence Attorney, is a […]