How Square Marketing Delivers Customer Analytics and Powers Customer Growth

With Square Marketing, Square just elevated its innovative offering to a whole new level with new customer engagement tools.

I’ve written previously that data is the real story of Square when Square first launched.

Building on the sales data collected by its innovative Square Register,  Square Capital and Square’s recent acquisition of Canadian innovator Kili Technology, Square Marketing now puts the power of customer relationship management tools in the hands of local business operators.

Square calls its new services ‘your ultimate customer list, accessible from anywhere’

With Square’s customer relationship management (CRM) software, you can track all your customers’ information in one place, including names, email addresses, phone numbers, preferences, purchases, and more.

Our CRM software shows you how often customers come in, how much they spend, and what they buy—all invaluable insights to help you adjust and grow your business.

It’s a simple but powerful story: understand your customers and their buying behaviours, and engage with them through the latest customer analytics and marketing technologies. This is a powerful integration of sales and marketing…and mobile payments data is at the heart of it.

With over 98% of Canadian businesses being small business, Square targets a significant market.  Square brings beautiful email marketing previously only available through separate services like MailChimp.  This is the power of customer data made real and brought to the businesses that either couldn’t afford it or didn’t know how to integrate it.

With Square now providing email to sales integration, even small business growth can be fueled by data.

It’s an exciting time for small business.