Blockchain Revolution – Where Can We Go From Here?

I presented “Blockchain Revolution – Where Can We Go From Here?” at the University of Waterloo Centre for Information Integrity & Information Systems Assurance 9th Biennial Research Symposium(

This presentation will take a quick tour through the history of the blockchain technology underlying the Bitcoin cryptocurrency. It will highlight blockchain’s current applications and pose important questions about its future in Finance, Accounting and digital assets. For the information security and audit domain, the discussion will include such questions as “Is it finally possible to have immutable data?” and “What is the impact of blockchain’s triple entry accounting concept?”. An overview of leading of leading applications in the blockchain space will be presented.

Blockchain technology, the innovation introduced with Bitcoin digital currency, will undoubtedly have a disruptive impact to virtually every data-driven organization.  From banking, capital markets and insurance to retail and manufacturing, future information systems and new business models will be underpinned by blockchain technology.

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