ÐΞVCON1 : Ethereum Developer Conference (Nov. 9-13, 2015)

As the followup to ÐΞVCON0, the Ethereum Foundation and ΞTHÐΞV presented 5 days of discussions, technical talks and related events.  Key topics: Research & Core Protocols, ÐApp Development, Industry & Social Implications.

The full agenda and videos are posted here: https://devcon.ethereum.org

An annotated Agenda with links and commentary follows below:

{Check back for ongoing updates}

Day 5

Ethereum DevCon1: Expert View of the Fifth Day, CoinTelegraph

History of the Block Chain, Nick Szabo (http://szabo.best.vwh.net)

Ethereum & Internet of Things with Ubuntu Core, Martin Ectors

Ethereum in the Enterprise Environment, Taylor Gerring

Towards a Dynamic Economic, Social and Political Mesh

Agreement Making in Solidity: A Legal Perspective, Bill Marino

Communicating the Ethereum Narrative, William Mougayar (http://startupmanagement.org)
Presentation Slides

Myths and Facts of Reputation Systems, Andre Junge

Blockchain Model Canvas, Adi Chikara

Panel: Banking with Smart Contracts Lee Braine, Ian Cusden, Andrew Keys, James Slazas, Ian Cusden, Rex Maudsley

Basic Income (Circles) Martin Koppelmann

IBM MTN Project Henning Diedrich

Transactive Grid: A decentralized energy management solution, Lawrence Orisini

Insurance on the blockchain, Elias Haase

Provenance, Jessi Baker

Dangerous Old Men: cypherpunk’s failure, Ethereum’s success


Day 4

Ethereum DevCon1: Expert View of the Fourth Day, CoinTelegraph

Augur, Jack Peterson

Maker, Nikolai Mushegian, Kat Obermeyer

Gnosis, Martin Koppelmann, Stefan George

Liquidity on Blockchains with Batch Auctions and Smart Markets Casey Detrio

Synthetic Assets Dominic Williams

Smart Bonds Stephan Karpischek, Ian Cusden (UBS)

FreeMyVunk: Join the movement R. Tyler Smith

ujo Music Phil Barry

Backfeed Matan Field

Panel: Gaming on the Blockchain Wendell Davis, Peter Borah, Julian Pittleman, Jim Berry, Vinay Gupta. Tyler Smith

Slock.it Christoph Jentzsch

Rebuilding Enterprise Processes with Blockchains and Smart Contracts Matthew Spoke, Deloitte

Balanc3: Triple Entry Accounting Jeff Scott Ward, Christian Lundkvist

Inflekt: Event & Community Management, Ashley Taylor, Marian Oancea

Decentralized Reddit, Connor Keenan

Colony, Jack de Rose

Ethereum: The African Opportunity (Nairobi) Wayne Hennessy-Barrett

Registries Niran Babalola

Panel: Prediction Markets Edmund Edgar, Vitalik Buterin, Jack Peterson, Martin Koppelmann, Moderator: Stefano Bertolo

Day 3

devp2p Alex Leverington

Understanding the Ethereum Blockchain Protocol Vitalik Buterin

Guest Speaker Jordan MacLeod

Ethereum Alarm Clock Piper Merriam

Securing Ethereum: One does not simply build a blockchain from scratch Jutta Steiner, Gustav Simonsson

Embark – DApps Framework Konstantin Kudryavtsev (for Iuri Matias)

Panel: Standardization Vitalik, Gavin, Fabian Vogelsteller, Nikolai Mushegian, Christian Lundkvist

Progressing toward the Ethereum Light Client Zsolt Felfoldi

Shh! Whisper. Gavin Wood

Panel: Ethereum Clients Heiko Hees, Gavin Wood, Jeffrey Wilcke, Martin Becze, Roman Mandeleil, Jim Hormuzdiar

dappstore Tim Coulter

Weifund & Boardroom Nick Dodson

ENS (Ethereal Namespace) Ryan Casey

HydraChain: Permissioned distributed ledgers based on Ethereum Heiko Hees

Digix Global: Assets on the Ethereum Blockchain KC Chng (video recording)

Mati Utkarsh Verma (video recording)

Lightning Talk: A New Way to Work Owen Barnes

Lightning Talk: NomaTrip.com: A P2P blockchain economy for travel services John Robert

Nano-payments on Ethereum Piotr Janiuk

Day 2

Ether.Camp Roman Mandeleil

Announcing Ethereum Blockchain as a Service (Eth-BaaS) Marley Gray

BlockApps STRATO Victor Wong, Kieren James-Lubin, Jim Hormuzdiar

BlockApps are written in Javascript Ryan Reich

How blockchain technology can help us achieve prosperity Don Tapscott

Building a DApp: Writing contracts Christian Reitwiessner
Building a DApp: Design Principles for Dapp developers Alex Van de Sande
Building a DApp: What are DApps and why Meteor Fabian Vogelsteller

Contract-Oriented Programming: Modularity, Extensibility, & Security Peter Borah

Writing safe smart contracts Christian Reitwiessner

DApp Design Patterns Joris Bontje

Panel: Ethereum Dapp Development Frameworks Session (Truffle, Embark, Dapple, Populus, BlockApps) Tim Coulter, Konstantin Kudryavtsev, Ryan Casey, Piper Merriam, Kristoffer Josefsson

Lightning Talk: HitFin Patrick Salami
Lightning Talk: Learning Ethereum & How to navigate the community Hudson Jameson
Lightning Talk: Reality Keys Edmund Edgar
Lightning Talk: Provably honest oracle service Thomas Bertani

Tokens Simon de la Rouviere

Mix Arkadiy Paronyan

Panel: Middleware & on-chain Services Roman Mandeleil, Piper Merriam, Christian Lundkvist, Joseph Chow, Nikolai Mushegian moderated by George Hallam

Day 1

Keynote & Ethereum Roadmap Vitalik Buterin, Gavin Wood, Jeffrey Wilcke

Challenges in Public Economic Consensus Vlad Zamfir

Monadic design patterns for the blockchain Lucius Greg Meredith

Panel: Scalability Vitalik Buterin, Vlad Zamfir, Gavin Wood, Martin Becze, Dominic Williams

Casper Vlad Zamfir

Swarm Daniel Nagy, Viktor Tron

Introduction to Consensus Dominic Williams

Ethereum & Webassembly Martin Becze

IPFS Juan Batiz-Benet

Universal Hash Time Jeff Coleman

Lightning Talk: Metamask.io Aaron Davis

BTC Relay Joseph Chow

Scalable Blockchains & Asynchronous Programming Vitalik Buterin

Digital Identity & Ethereum-based Public Key Infrastructure Christian Lundkvist

Towards Imandra Contracts: Formal verification for Ethereum Denis Ignatovich, Grant Passmore

Raiden: Scaling out with offchain state networks Heiko Hees

Towards safer languages for smart contracts Jack Pettersson

Formal semantics for protocols Peter McBurney

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