The DAO – Innovating Global Decentralized Governance

These are exciting times in the Blockchain space : a convergence of technology, finance, marketing, internet of things, identity management and governance. As of this writing and 11 days remaining, The DAO , a form of “Decentralized Autonomous Organization” has raised (see full list) the equivalent of $108M in Ether, the digital cryptocurrency/computing token that fuels […]

The DAO Raises over $US 43M for Ethereum Fund

This is an update to the article introducing The DAO: “The DAO – A Global Ethereum Venture Fund Launches” TheDAO ( has now crowdfunded over $US43M from 8,293 Ethereum accounts. (May 11, 2016. 16:28 EST)   Videos Q&A with the Creators of TheDAO Framework: The team have shared further details of TheDAO, its objectives, and […]

The DAO – A Global Ethereum Venture Fund Launches

Anyone interested in the future of business, organizational governance, venture investing, and the broader internet should know about “The DAO”. Ethereum, the groundbreaking blockchain platform, continues to blaze a technological trail of world changing, innovative experiments. It was a short time ago in the summer of 2014 that Ethereum was one of the largest crowdfunding campaigns […]