The DAO – Innovating Global Decentralized Governance

These are exciting times in the Blockchain space : a convergence of technology, finance, marketing, internet of things, identity management and governance. As of this writing and 11 days remaining, The DAO , a form of “Decentralized Autonomous Organization” has raised (see full list) the equivalent of $108M in Ether, the digital cryptocurrency/computing token that fuels […]

The DAO Raises over $US 43M for Ethereum Fund

This is an update to the article introducing The DAO: “The DAO – A Global Ethereum Venture Fund Launches” TheDAO ( has now crowdfunded over $US43M from 8,293 Ethereum accounts. (May 11, 2016. 16:28 EST)   Videos Q&A with the Creators of TheDAO Framework: The team have shared further details of TheDAO, its objectives, and […]

2016 : The Blockchain Awakens

We will remember 1995-2015 as the 20 year era of the centralized client-server Internet.  As we enter 2016 and the “blockchain awakens”, let’s take a quick look at how we got here: 1995: The Dawn of the Internet 20 years ago in 1995, the Internet took its big first steps: HTTP documented and HTML 2.0 released Netscape […]

@Lessig Keynote: Deja vu all over again (#BlockchainSYD)

Highly recommended: A brilliant blockchain keynote by a brilliant mind, Lawrence Lessig, at Blockchain Workshops, Sydney – December 11, 2015. This is deja vu for me as well.  I worked for a high flying public internet technology incubator and I saw Lessig speak so passionately about the innovation in ‘Fight For Your Right to Innovate’ at […]

Bitcoin & Blockchain Inventor Satoshi Nakamoto Believed Found

News of the potential inventor of Bitcoin and “blockchain” technology, Satoshi Nakamoto, broke on December 8, 2015 on Wired Bitcoin’s Creator Satoshi Nakamoto Is Probably This Unknown Australian Genius and Gizmodo This Australian Says He and His Dead Friend Invented Bitcoin. The reporting provides compelling evidence of the investigation. Dr. Craig Steven Wright, shown here introducing himself […]

ÐΞVCON1 : Ethereum Developer Conference (Nov. 9-13, 2015)

As the followup to ÐΞVCON0, the Ethereum Foundation and ΞTHÐΞV presented 5 days of discussions, technical talks and related events.  Key topics: Research & Core Protocols, ÐApp Development, Industry & Social Implications. The full agenda and videos are posted here: An annotated Agenda with links and commentary follows below:

Gartner: CIOs Need To Welcome Age Of The Algorithm

At the recent Gartner Symposium/ITxpo in Orlando, Senior Vice President of Gartner Research Peter Sondegaard delivered his firm’s view on data and algorithms to CIO’s: “If the most important thing you offer is data,” Sondergaard said, “you are in trouble.  Big data is not where the value is. Data is certainly necessary, but it is transient. By itself […]

Blockchain Revolution – Where Can We Go From Here?

I presented “Blockchain Revolution – Where Can We Go From Here?” at the University of Waterloo Centre for Information Integrity & Information Systems Assurance 9th Biennial Research Symposium( This presentation will take a quick tour through the history of the blockchain technology underlying the Bitcoin cryptocurrency. It will highlight blockchain’s current applications and pose important questions […]

WEF/Deloitte Report Showcases Disruptive FinTech Innovation

To be competitive in 2015, every business needs to think of itself as a technology business.  With Software as a Service in the cloud and Internet of Things, virtually every technology business is a data business. We already know that hundreds (1,147 according to VentureScanner) of innovative FinTech startups and larger technology firms (Apple Pay, Google-Alphabet […]