Why The “Always On Customer Brain” is Big Data in Action

Pegasystems held its PegaWORLD Conference this week (June 2015) with excellent keynotes showcasing today’s leading big data, analytics solutions for sales and marketing. In the “The Always On Customer Brain“(1), Dr. Rob Walker, Pegasystems, presented the future of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) as an enterprise brain, leveraging big data, analytics and automated decision-making systems: The Customer Brain is […]

How IBM Disrupted Google With “News as a Service”

If you or I need to find news, everyone knows you can “just Google it”.  Or use news.google.com In the Enterprise, however, analyzing the news in real-time for actionable insights in Marketing or Risk decisions, we’ve always needed teams of analysts. Even though Google’s been the defacto search tool, new Twitter and Facebook firehoses are […]

FinTech Startups: Unbundling Wells Fargo, Citi and Bank of America

CB Insights has published its excellent graphical overview on how FinTech is “unbundling” or disaggregating American Banks. The graphic illustrates the intense FinTech activity in the traditional banking space: In November, Tom Loverro of RRE Ventures wrote that “banks are under attack” and showed a few of the major players leading this trend. Inspired by his post and Alexander Pease’s, we […]

Watch the Cloud for Next Generation Analytics

This was a big week for Business Analytics solutions. CIO’s and CDO’s struggling to deliver insights on demand with their existing business intelligence tools had some great news. First, Tableau announced a major upgrade to Tableau 9.0.  Bringing a new user experience they call Analytics in the Flow, Tableau released their new user experience of its on-premise […]

How Square Marketing Delivers Customer Analytics and Powers Customer Growth

With Square Marketing, Square just elevated its innovative offering to a whole new level with new customer engagement tools. I’ve written previously that data is the real story of Square when Square first launched. Building on the sales data collected by its innovative Square Register,  Square Capital and Square’s recent acquisition of Canadian innovator Kili Technology, […]

Why your CDO’s Business Intelligence Roadmap Needs an Enterprise Decision Inventory

In a previous post, I recommended a new approach to Business Intelligence that I called Decision Intelligence. Decision Intelligence directly connects the insights from analytics to decisions.  Decision Intelligence improves the quality of the decisions.  The business, and every decision, then becomes more “data-driven”. Simply put: data fuels decisions; better quality data results in better […]